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 Born in England, Jane has a 4 year degree in Education, was a primary school teacher, communications consultant and Telco dealer business owner. Jane always wanted to do natural healing modalities and started doing courses in Usui Reiki I and II, short courses in massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Shamanism I, II & III, Sound Healing I & II, Reconnective Healing I, II & III, meditation as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification. She has been on a path of her own spiritual development for many years.

Jane then started and fully owned Eltham Natural Healing Centre fulfilling her dream of bringing natural alternative therapies to the community. She built the business and clientele over a period of 6 years, recently selling the Centre to concentrate on her own healing work at Om Shanti Healing.

Jane is currently specialising in and available for Reconnective Healing sessions, as well as The Reconnection ® process, Reiki Healing  and Sound Healing. 




Anna has been working as a practitioner doing Reiki / Energetic / Spiritual Healing  for the last 25years. She was drawn to Shamanism and has been using its powerful healing in her work with clients for the last 9 years.

Anna will ask her spirit guides, as well as yours, to guide you during your energy healing journey. Sometimes, just removing stagnant energies and repairing the aura is the only purpose of the healing session. Anna may need to help cut cords, connect you to a lost loved one, or heal various parts of you that are in pain

Anna ‘assists’ you and the spirit guides to facilitate your unique healing process.

Anna will discuss your impressions and experiences during the session. Then she will share her impressions, insights, and review the healing work that occurred during the session, including which Spirit Guides participated in the healing and any requests or messages she received from them.

Anna specialises in Reiki Healing, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Shamanic Healing, Genome Healing, Chakra Cleansing / Balancing, Tarot Readings and Ear Candling.



 I am a professional intuitive Tarot reader with 30 years experience. Readings cover all aspects of life including relationships, health, finances, career etc . Readings are tailored to suit and can be broad ranging or specific.

 The aim of all readings is to inform and address things that are happening in a person’s life, both present and future.  Readings are presented as to be easily understood and practical.

 Over the past 30 years I have undertaken a number of courses including Reiki 1-2-3, visualisation meditation, chakra balancing, and personal spiritual development. I bring my learning in all of these to my readings. 


“ Excellence in Psychic guidance for life, love and business”

Experience excellence in Psychic Taro

“ Excellence in Psychic guidance for life, love and business”

Experience excellence in Psychic Tarot and Mediumship readings with Elizabeth Muir. 

A highly regarded psychic, medium, tarot master, spiritual teacher and healer, Elizabeth has read for thousands of people around the world. 

A highly developed clairvoyant and natural Medium, a session with Elizabeth will nourish, inspire and uplift, 

while giving you the clarity needed to move forward confidently. 


During a reading I'll tune into your energy, open up to spirit, and deliver the messages of most importance for your soul's growth at this time. 

These messages contain very specific and detailed information that should help you regain inner peace, and confidence on your path. 

If appropriate, I may connect with your loved ones who have passed, and bring through the beautiful, and deeply loving messages they have for you. 

We sensitively 'unpack' all the things you'd like clarity about.

My intention is always to deliver quality readings that are both accurate, and emotionally sensitive. 

The bottom line for me is always accuracy, empathy, integrity, emotional care and kindness.

Life, relationship, and business readings 30 minutes $130, 1hr $180

Mediumship 30 minutes $130, 1hr $180

Energy Healing or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 1hr $130




“The Bridge between two worlds." 

Travis is a classically trained Psychic Medium and Reiki Healer who has trained with well-known international spiritual masters. 

Very passionate about his craft, he has a natural gift for connecting his clients with their loved ones in spirit 

to pass on their messages of love, guidance, healing and hope

Psychic and Mediumship Readings 

30 minutes $80, 1hr $145.

Reiki and Spiritual Healings 1hr $145




 Linda is a dedicated student (ongoing since 1995) of renowned Mystic, Teacher, Healer, Grand Master Dr Issam Kadamani at the International College of Meditation and Healing.

Being trained under the love and direction of Dr Issam, Linda has learned the metaphysical causation of pain and disease. Combine this with the experience of her own healing journey, gives her the understanding and compassion of the healing path to wholeness (and thus happiness).

Linda has also studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Vibrational Healing; Flower Essence Therapy (Australian Bush, Bach and FES) & Crystal Healing and has held Native American Full Moon Sweat Lodges on her property in the Dandenong Ranges for 4 years.

A caring teacher of Metaphysics, Meditation, Reiki and Qi Gong, Linda is also an Ajna Assistant, a Sacred Journey Facilitator and a Minister of the Yasua Metaphysical Ministry Inc.

As a holistic Healer, Linda takes you on a journey to wholeness, assisting you to recognise, understand and release disease (blocked energy), allowing the life force energy to flow through your body; restoring health, vitality and awareness…leading you to live your life in a state of Divine Bliss.

Linda specialises in Chakra Cleansing / Balancing, Energy Healing, Reiki Healing and also runs our Meditation Classes at Om Shanti Healing.